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Trusted & reliable review of your organisations financials.

A comprehensive review service that not only assists your organisation to meet its obligations but also inform future decisions and manage risks.
At Ant Wise Consulting we understand the not for profit landscape, we appreciate the unique risk and compliance requirements that apply in the not for profit sector.

Whilst most see a review as a burdensome compliance requirement we view a review as an opportunity to improve your organization, allowing you to thrive now & into the future and continue to meaningfully impact our world. Which is why we aim not to deliver just a report but real value to your organization as part of our review.

Want to get more value out of your annual review?

A review is not just a compliance task but an opportunity to check under the hood of your organisation and that is what we do. We aim to deliver value in our reviews, not just a report.

Want a smooth review process?

Being 100% virtual and with the help of modern technology we aim to conduct all our reviews online as we understand visiting your office for an extended period of time is not only inconvenient but disrupting to your day to day operations.

Want to make sure you meet your reporting obligations?

We aim to complete all our review in the most timely of fashion to ensure that you meet your obligations. If you are running late for whatever reason, please let us know and we will do our best to help you.

Audit services available

NFP (Annual Revenue <$1m) Financial Statement Review

Church Financial Statement Review

Internal Audit

Why AntWise Consulting


We are a 100% virtual company allowing us to pass on savings onto you, our client.

Fast & Responsive

We aim for the same business day response, so you can make timely decisions.

Clear Advice

Explaining complicated ideas and advice in simple terms.

Honest & Transparent

Clear fees and advice that is in your best interest.

Empathising your mission

Specialising in NFP & churches means we know your mission is not greater profits but to make a greater impact in our world.

Work with us in 3 simple steps

1. Book your free 30 min initial consultation

Speak to us to discuss your circumstance and needs so can best help you.

2. Design you a suitable package

After our chat, I can provide you an obligation free quote that is tailored to your specific needs and requirements.

3. Begin working together!